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 nce upon a time there was a king obsessed with hunting boar. Not because he liked the taste of them, but merely for fun. Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, he kept tradition alive by killing as many as he could find.

One evening as shots rang out in the forest yet again, the boars gathered. They'd had enough. Boar fathers had lost their friends, boar mothers had seen their piglets fall before the gun. Now fear and sadness has driven them to rage. 

He was one. They were many...

Can you escape your estate, consisting of eighty randomly generated locations, defenseless and naked like every animal you hunted before?


Move around with joystick in port 2 and run for your life. There's no run button though: you've never run in your entire life!

In each screen there's an arrow indicating where you came from. You have to find a way out yourself, or die trying.

PAL / NTSC compatibility

The game is developed with PAL machines in mind. It will run on NTSC, although a little bit faster.

Copyright Bimbarlade 2019

Install instructions

Download the .crt file (16KB C64 Cartridge) and drag it into your C64 emulator of choice.


The Royal Hunt (PAL).crt 16 kB

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